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March 11, 2013
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 You had just finished with your make up when your cell phone rang. The 'Star Spangled Banner' ringtone already gave you a hint of who was calling. No sooner did you get the cell phone to your ear, when a loud voice rang out from the other end.
"Yo,              ! Aren't you coming to my jammin' party? You're like, an hour late!"

 You pulled the phone away from your ear a bit and spoke calmly into the other end.

"Half an hour late, Alfred."

"Whatever! I can't have one of my best buds missin' my awesome party!"

You smiled and shook your head. 

"I'll be there in like, thirty minutes, okay?". You heard a loud, exaggerated groan on the other end.

"Thirty minuuuuuutes?",he whined.Then there was a pause. "Maybe I should send Francis to come and get you..."



"Twenty minutes."

"Awww yeah!", Alfred cheered. You rolled your eyes and hung up the phone. Then you turned and looked in the mirror to check your appearance one more time. You had to admit, you did look stunning. Your   favorite color   dress billowed out from your waist in flouncy, light ruffles that reached to your knees. The top part of the dress was like a corset, set with tiny gemstones and had long, see through sleeves that stopped at your wrists. Your   hair color    tresses were set in an elegant bun, with curled locks hanging by your ears and cheeks. Tiny diamond chandelier earrings graced your ears and you wore black strap high heels on your feet. Your make up wasn't heavy, just a little    favorite color   eyeshadow here, a little blush there, and a hint of   favorite scent   perfume. You smiled at your reflection. 

"Not bad.", You mumbled. Just as you had grabbed your purse and were about to leave, you gasped. 

"My mask!", You muttered as you grabbed the ornate face piece that matched your dress from your dresser before you forgot it. You got into your car and set your destination for Alfred's house.

 Alfred had invited you to one of his end of the year blow out parties, like he did every year. This year was different though. Instead of a pool party barbeque, or a strobe light basement bash, it was going to be a masquerade ball. 

 Ball. Elegant, fancy, proper. Words that, in no offense, did not fit Alfred's personality at all. Which made you suspect Arthur had somehow been involved with planning the get together. Everyone who attended had to wear a mask and couldn't tell their name to anyone. That was for the people they were with to find out. At first, you thought against going, thinking about how not knowing who your talking to might be uncomfortable. Imagine how many people Francis could grope before they found out who he was! But then you realized that the masquerade could be really fun. The mystery, excitement, romantic atmosphere...

You shook your head. You didn't really like any of your friends that way. Francis always tried to put a move on you when he saw the opportunity, but you always shot him down. There was,however, one friend you were kind of soft for. The sweet, tomato loving Spaniard, Antonio. You thought it was so cute how sweet he was, or you just stared at how unbelievable gorgeous he was. Seriously, the dude was an Adonis with Spanish flare. But he never seemed to notice your admiration before. He liked you, but not liked you. He liked you in the glomp-you, share-a-tomato-with-you-when-you-forgot-your-lunch kind of way, not the kiss-you, romantic way. Or least that's what you thought.

 You parked in front of Alfred's house, on the street, since the driveway was filled with the cars of all your various friends. You slipped your mask on as you were walking to the front door. Taking a deep breath, for who knows why, you  raised your hand to knock on the door. But before your knuckles could make contact with the hard wood, the door swung open. Standing there, grinning with excitement was party man himself. He was wearing a black suit that most likely Arthur had talked him into wearing. You smiled when you saw that the mask he chose was a plain white one with the Superman logo stamped in the middle of it. Oh Alfred.

"               , dude, you came!",he shouted, even though the music inside wasn't even that loud. You chuckled at his excitement.

"Aw, come on. I couldn't just miss the hero's best party of the year."

 Alfred grinned at you using his self proclaimed nickname. 

"Darn straight, you couldn't! Now come on in and PAR-TAY!", he shouted, moving aside so you could enter the house. You looked around in surprise at what was once Alfred's living room, but was now an enormous, elegant ballroom. Oh yeah, Arthur definitely was involved here.

 Almost as if triggered by your thoughts, Arthur waltzed by, carrying a tray of snacks towards the other end of the ballroom. 

"                 ,"he said to you, bowing his head slightly as he went past. You nodded back and chuckled slightly. You guessed Arthur used the masquerade as an excuse to get in touch with his inner pirate. His pirate hat, complete with feathers and fancy stitching, went well with his tailcoat and boots. His mask was ornate like yours, but his had the Union Jack painted on it. 

"Hey              , you can look around while the hero goes and dances his butt off!", Alfred shouted, running towards the dance floor. You had only walked about four steps however, when an arm snaked around your waist. You felt warm breath on your ear. And stubble. Stubble.

"Bonjour,mon petit étranger.", a voice purred in your ear. You rolled your eyes and prepared your leg to give a kick that would knock the perv outta Francis. 

"Let go, Francis."

"Ah, cherie! But 'ow did you discover it was moi?"

"Know anyone else here with a french accent who greets people like this?", you said, gesturing to his arms that held your waist. Francis smiled. He was dressed in sleek silver blue suit and a black cape. His wavy blonde hair was tied back with a silver ribbon and he wore a silver and black mask with roses winding around the edges.

" Why don't we go and dance, cherie? I feel a slow song coming up.." Before you could imagine how much Francis would try and grope you during that slow song, someone stepped out of the shadows ahead of you two.

"Ah,               . Didn't know you were coming to this party, da?" 

 Francis' arms slipped off your waist as he backed away a little in fear of the kind giant in front of you. You smiled.

"Hey Ivan." Ivan smiled and nodded. He wore his normal coat and long scarf. The only thing different was his red mask with the symbol of the Russian flag on the left corner. You wondered why he hadn't really dressed up for the occasion, but you guessed that was his business.

"Having fun, da?", He said, motioning with his hand around the room, indicating the party. You nodded. 

"So far."  Ivan smiled and nodded. Up ahead, near the DJ's table, there was a crowd forming. You tried to look past Ivan, but you were too shorter than him.

"Uh, Ivan?", You said, tapping the Russian on the shoulder. "What's happening over there?"

 Ivan blinked and turned to see the crowd.

"Hmm, don't know. Let's go check it out, da?" You nodded and followed Ivan across the dance floor towards the noisy crowd. On the way, you saw Feliks, who was decked out in a 'hipster pink' suit and white cape and mask, trying to pull his Lithuanian best friend towards the dance floor. You also noticed Natalie, sitting in a chair in a dark blue dress and mask with a white bow fixed in her blond hair, a dark arua around her as she glared at you and her brother walking together. You wanted to shake your head to indicate it wasn't what she thought, but the crowd attracted your attention more. 

 Finally, you and Ivan managed to make your way into the crowd. Everyone was cheering and being so noisy that you could barely hear the music anymore. 

"Come on, Gilbert!", Mathias yelled towards the center of the crowd.

"You can-a do it, Tony!", Feliciano cheered excitedly, his tricolored mask slipping off his face a bit. 

"Don't-a cheer the bastards on, idiota!", yelled Lovino, his identical tricolor mask hiding the embarrassment caused his younger brother.
You pushed enough people so that you were at the front of the crowd, then you saw what all the commotion was about.

 A dance off.

 More specifically, a two person dance off.  Nearest you, dancing so intensely that it looked more like he was flailing, was your friend Gilbert. You recognized him from the tiny yellow bird that jumped from either of his shoulders, annoyed by his spastic movements. Gilbert wore a navy blue suit and a black cape, that was flying up behind him as he flail-um-danced. His wore a simple black mask. Seated on his head, miraculously defying gravity, was a crown. You rolled your eyes. Then you turned your eyes toward the other dancer.


 He was a dancing god. He moved his feet so expertly and graceful that he was practically floating on the floor. His hips moved beautifully with the beat, as if the beat was in him, running through his blood. He grinned at his opponent cheekily and continued his magic. But it wasn't just his incredible dancing that caused your jaw to drop and your heart to beat against your ribs. You recognized the dancer. That brunette hair that bounced as he danced, that sun kissed, tan skin, and those emeralds that shone brightly behind his mask.


 He was dressed handsomely as well. He wore a black suit with a red shirt and his sleeves and cuffs rolled up to his elbows, showing his tanned arms. The red shirt was unbuttoned three buttons, showing a peek of his toned chest. He wore a black cape that flowed as he danced with flare. What was with the black capes? Must've been a Bad Touch Trio thing. Anyway, his mask was red with small black designs, and in the right corner, was a tomato button. You giggled gently. 

"Ready to lose, Tony?", Gilbert called to his friend, smirking while he danced. Antonio smiled.

"En realidad, tengo la intención de saborear la victoria, amigo.", he answered, the words flowing off his tongue,his accent giving you chills.

 Gilbert frowned and tried to dance harder, if that was possible. This led to him tripping over his own foot. With a yelp, and a shout of "Verdammit!", the Prussian hit the floor. People gasped and Ludwig facepalmed. Antonio saw Gil's spill and stopped his firey feet. He went over to Gilbert and helped him from the floor.

"Danke.", Gilbert grumbled, brushing the dirt from his suit. Still however, his crown managed to stay on. Antonio smiled. 

"No problem, buddy.",he said, patting the Prussian on the back. He looked at the people who were cheering for him, smiling at their praise on his victory. Then he saw you. 

Your eyes locked, and he began to move through the crowd towards you. Before you knew what was happening, Antonio was in front of you, taking hold of your hand. Your heart raced as he bowed his head and gently brushed his lips against the back of your hand.

"Buenas noches, ángel hermoso", he whispered, his voice giving you goosebumps.

"H-hello, Antonio.", you managed to choke out. His lips parted as he smiled, showing you his white teeth.

"You know my name, chica?" You blinked. Why wouldn't you know his name? You said hello to him every morning and talked to him almost everyday.

"W-why wouldn't I remember your name?"

"Well, I've never seen you around, chica. Too bad I haven't too.",he said, his smile making you want to melt. But what did he mean he never saw you around? Were you that invisible? Maybe that's how Matthew feels.... You went to scratch your nose and felt a hint of annoyance when your hand bumped your mask.

Wait. The mask. That's why he didn't recognize you! Did it make you that unrecognizable? You never had the chance to see how the mask looked on you when you were getting ready, you kind of just hurried out the door with it, rushed by the threat of Francis being sent after you.

 While you were deep in thought, Antonio took hold of your hand. 

"Would you like to dance?" You felt your heart pound even harder, but you nodded. He swept you onto the dance floor just as a slow song began. You looked around to see what everyone else was doing. Most of the guys went to go sit, since they didn't have girls to dance with, some didn't feel like leaving the floor, so they just stood and swayed to the music. You looked towards the end of the ballroom and saw Arthur chasing Francis with the metal tray he had before, while Francis just cackled, Arthur's pirate hat perched on his head. You shook your head and smiled. Then you felt Antonio's hand on your waist and his other holding your hand. You blushed and looked into those bright green orbs of his. He smiled and you two began to dance. 

 It was magical. More magical than Arthur and Flying Mint Bunny (Yes, you know of Arthur's 'friends') having tea on a rainbow while riding unicorns. The way you and Antonio danced, it felt like you were flying. He swept you around the dance floor, your feet barely touching the floor as he spun and twirled you around. He danced with just as much elegance and grace as he would Spanish flare when dancing his firey Latin way. You felt like a princess, held tight in the arms of your prince as you danced the night away at the ball. After awhile, the slow song ended, but you and Antonio still swayed to its hypnotic melody. Then you felt lips at your ear.

"Would you like to take a walk with me, chica?" You felt your knees suddenly tremble, but again you nodded. Gently, he lead you towards the door leading to the backyard. On the way, you noticed that Alfred was busy on his back, practically dying of laughter, while Feliciano tried to untangle his red cape from Ludwig's dark green one. You guessed that it had been a glomp gone wrong.

 Finally, you and Antonio entered the backyard. It had been decorated for the occasion like the house.

"It's so pretty!", You gasped, taking in the beautiful scenery.

"Not as pretty as you, though, chica.", Antonio said gently. You felt your face turn three different shades of red as you faced him. "T-thank you..", you said shyly. He smiled. Slowly, gently, he leaned towards you, closing his eyes, his thick eyelashes making shadows on his cheeks. You felt your stomach do fifty somersaults and jump into your throat. You wanted to kiss him so bad...but your nerves were driving you insane. Finally, you decided the heck with your feelings and leaned in to meet his lips. You were only centimeters from each other when Antonio pulled away. You blinked in shock. He looked at you, his expression quite guilty.

"Please forgive me, ángel hermoso. But I can't kiss you."  

Before you could stop them, the words left your mouth, sounding almost like a whine.

"Why not?"

  Antonio scratched the back of his neck. 

"You see, there's this chica, her name is               , and, well I'm crazy about her."  

You froze. He....was crazy about you? A million squees began to fill your chest, but you fought them down and listened to Antonio.

"I mean, I don't think she notices how I feel about her, but still, I couldn't kiss another girl when I'm in love with her."

 Hold the phone. Hang up and redial. He was in love with you??!! You hoped this wasn't some sort of dream that your mind created as a cruel joke. No, it wasn't a joke. Antonio was here. Confessing his love to you. Well sort of, he was confessing his love, he just didn't know it was you. 

Gently, you reached forward, and fighting your nerves, placed a finger on his lips to quiet him. He looked at you, bewildered. Slowly, you reached up and slid your mask from your face. His green eyes widened to the size of saucers. You blushed at his shocked gaze, wondering if that had been a good idea.

"                ", he breathed in shock. Then he turned red. Very red. Red like one of the tomatoes he coveted so much.

"You heard everything..." You blushed and nodded. Then you bit your lip and gathered the courage to speak.

"I...I feel the same, Tony...", You said, staring in his eyes, trying your best not faint. He looked at you, shock passing over his face again. But then, the shock was replaced. By joy. He effortless picked you up, swinging you in circles, cheering and singing in Spanish. 

"Ella me ama! Ella me ama! Ella me ama!", he yelled happily. You blushed at how loud he was yelling but you smiled anyway.

"Tony!", You giggled, "I'm getting dizzy!". He smiled and put you down. The minute your feet hit the ground however, Antonio caught your lips in a sweet kiss. You were surprised, but you kissed back happily. You're heart was beating so loud you could practically hear it. But you didn't care. When Antonio was kissing you, nothing else mattered. Gently, he pulled away, both of you a little breathless.

"T-Te amo,             .", he said,smiling as he stared into your   eye color   eyes with his light green ones. You smiled, your heart soaring.

"I love you too, Antonio.".



You and Antonio broke your gazes with each other and looked toward the direction of the house. There, behind the sliding glass door, stood Francis, Gilbert, and almost everyone from the party. You felt your face heat up like crazy as you stared in horror at everyone who were watching you and your Spanish love. You could see Antonio's face turn bright red like yours. Then his green eyes narrowed in a death glare towards Francis and Gilbert.

"Looks like Antonio wanted to do more than dance with the mystery frau.", Gilbert chuckled.  Then, Gilbert's eyes widened, and he shot away from the door, Francis quickly following as Antonio chased after, his face steaming red. You giggled and went inside to wait for your love.

This turned out waaaaaaaaaaay longer than I thought it would.
Guess I have a writing favoritism for Spain.

This is a request for :iconvalentine345:
I hope you like it!!!^^

Being home with bronchitis gives you a lot of time...:blush:

*Bonjour,mon petit étranger [Hello, my little stranger.]

*En realidad, tengo la intención de saborear la victoria, amigo [Actually, I have the intention to taste victory, friend]

*Buenas noches, ángel hermoso [Good evening, beautiful angel.]

*Ella me ama! [She loves me!]

*Te amo [I love you.]

Spain (Hetalia) © :iconhimaruyaplz:

You © :iconsexyspainplz:
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